Thursday, September 10, 2009


There was an exchange on the floor  of the house chamber between the President and Congressman Joe Wilson last night that bears on the figure of the number of people who are uninsured in this country.
The data used comes from the US census bureau and is 47 million.  I used the 47 million  figure to point out the various groups that make up this number using the same census bureau data. The 47 million figure includes 10 million people who , according to the Bureau , are " not American citizens".
Last night the  President vehemently said that his plan would not include the funding of health insurance for illegal alliens.
The President's speech should now automatically  lead everyone to reduce the figure of those without insurance  to 37 million..  Will it? I doubt it since it would tend to  reduce the urgency  to take down our entire health system for a mere 37 million uninsured, made up of four additional groups whose probelms can be solved by simple legislation. Actually , this morning he actually increased it!
As I said in my recent footnote to that blog, when it was reposted, I use these figures as a way to  judge whether any speaker actually knows what he or she is talking about vis a vis the health care issue..
So far it is slim pickings and it doesn't include the President or his advisors..

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